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Kari is such a good soldier. I feel like I know him really well and I can tell based on his attitude and his body language and where he is at. But he is going to play [in the playoffs, despite mental and physical fatigue]. What a lot of people don’t know is that Kari is a guy that shows up three hours before a practice, three hours before a game. He is the first guy here taping his stick. He puts so much into it mentally and emotionally every day that when he does finally get a day off it’s very relaxing to him because he can completely unwind. He wants to be successful and he does all the little things. He is the ultimate pro, so he’ll never tell you or any of us that he is mentally drained.

Stars Goaltending Outlook With Mike Valley [Goaltending Coach] (asylee, look!!!)

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Blackhawks, ignoring sexism won't make it go away



Earlier in the day, members of a Blackhawks leadership panel — including President and CEO John McDonough and Chairman Rocky Wirtz  — gave a similarly lackluster reply to Casey Rathunde, a fan who took to the mic to ask about the skimpy Ice Crew outfits and the team’s insistence on playing “The Stripper” on the organ whenever a woman participates in the Shoot the Puck contest between periods.

Rathunde, a hockey player herself, referred to the panelists’ PR-friendly non-answer (that they appreciated the concern and will be careful about future practices) as an inevitable “dodge.”

"At best, it seems like their female fan base has been an afterthought to them, and these issues are ones that they’ve never given serious attention to," she told me via email.

Guys, I left the Blackhawks Convention happy I’d gone, but also more conscious than ever of just how much of a presence women have in the Hawks fan base and how much that presence is not reflected in the organization or its behavior. Blackhawks brass is reportedly very interested in our feedback, so let’s take them up on that.

I tracked down a Fans’ Voices representative at the convention, but if you, like me, would like to express how you would like the Hawks to, as Casey put it, “do better by their female fans,” might I suggest starting with their Twitter, Facebook or contact information pages?

I love the Hawks, I really do. But I can’t keep supporting them if I know they don’t support us.

so, it’s important for me to say that my dislike of ice girls has nothing to do with ice girls themselves. a lot of ice girls groups do a lot of outreach and education, which i think is important. also, obviously, if ladies wanna wear skirts and crop tops to hockey games, they should be allowed to do that.

but my respect and support for ice girls individually does not negate the shitty thinking behind the practice.

that being said, the problems that i have with ice girls are threefold:

1) ice girls may technically be part of the ice crew, but they’re … not, really. if ice girls were just part of the regular ice crew, wore the same uniforms that the ice crew wears, and weren’t treated like titillation for the male fans, i’d think differently. the thinking behind the practice is literally, “sex sells.” i guess for some reason hockey teams seem to think that ambivalent hockey fans will … pay money … to watch women in short skirts clean the ice and sell t-shirts. as if you can’t torrent porn for free??? “wow, that girl looks BANGIN’ in that outfit. maybe i’ll buy season tickets to the Blackhawks for $6,000.” THIS SEEMS UNLIKELY.

  • ALTERNATIVE IDEA: both ice girls and ice boys become a thing, where the ice boys skate around in lil booty shorts and open vests, shakin’ it to The Gambler during intermissions. my general attitude toward the outfits is simply, “both or neither.” BOTH the ice girls and ice crew are selling sex, or NEITHER of them are.

2) even in a magical world where management decides to include Sexy Ice Boys (tm), there would still be the incredibly problematic issue of ice girls and the inevitably thin, pump-wearing blonde girl doing shoot the puck being like …. the only time young women ever get to see women represented at a hockey game. being sexy eye candy for male fans feels like the only way women can be part of the team.  so even in that magical world of Sexy Ice Boys, the problem would still remain that the only visible way women are represented by a lot of hockey teams is sexualized. 

3) why are the ice girls called ice girls and the ice boys are the “ice crew”? why are they ice girls and not ice women? why do things that i love insist on making it difficult to love them?

the ‘hawks are the subject of this post because they just had their convention and casey rathunde asked an on-point question. but let’s not play: my bae CBJ and my bae-when-i’m-away Pitt also have ice girls. it’s a league-wide issue. (it’s a sports-wide issue).

it’s so cool that kathryn tappen is doin’ stuff, and i know that individual teams sometimes do have local announcers/journalists/what have you, and that’s great! it’s so great! keep it up! but in a world where 38% of your fanbase is female, it’s probably a good idea to keep in mind that every time you do something shitty, it’s a big reminder that you don’t give a shit about us.

and like, there are other hockey leagues besides the NHL that i can give my money to. it’s a league, not the whole fucking sport.

Florida Panthers just got rid of their ice girls. It’s probably to save some money, but it’s still a start…

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The Great Chicago Re-Commitment Tour of ‘14 continues on CSN. (This is just from me recording it with my camera, it will probs be on CSN’s site today/tomorrow.) This is the first half of a two-part Toews/Kane interview; second half airs tomorrow.

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I think the favorite moment with the Kaner was in L.A. when we were in the playoffs. We were practicing and after the practice we did special things like 25 seconds and you have to score—you can do anything you want. And we went 25 seconds and Kaner didn’t score at all [against me]. I was so happy about it.

Antti Raanta shares his favorite Patrick Kane memory

You should go read the entire article, it’s great, but apparently Raanta and Toews live in the same building so his tweet about Tazer smiling when he drives him to the airport is just that much better 

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